Thursday, September 20, 2018

Cuomo Percoco Soprano Ziti


Baked Ziti w/ Meatballs


Joseph Percoco, a former aide and top “enforcer” for Andrew Cuomo, was sentenced Thursday to six years in prison for taking more than $300,000 in bribes from companies seeking favorable treatment in Albany.

The bribes largely came from two businesses. Competitive Power Ventures, an energy firm that wanted to build in the Hudson Valley, gave Percoco’s wife a “low-show” job that paid her $7,500 a month to teach school kids about energy. In exchange, Percoco helped the company save $1.5 million with energy credits. Percoco’s wife also received $35,000 from Cor Development for her husband to perform a range of favors in his role as Cuomo’s executive deputy secretary.

Lobbyist Todd Howe, who has pleaded guilty to eight felonies related to corruption, helped set up these deals for Percoco. He also served as the prosecution’s star witness in the case. During the trial, Howe told the jury that he and Percoco referred to bribes as "Ziti." He said it was a reference to The Sopranos.

"Fuck You" !!!

Percoco’s six year sentence exceeds the five years recommended by the court’s probation office, which was something prosecutors pushed for. “Recent prosecutions and trials in this district have laid bare the ugly truth that, too often, political power and responsibility in New York leads to political corruption,” prosecutors told the judge.

Percoco, who Cuomo has described as like a “brother,” apologized to the court for his crimes Thursday. “I live with the consequences every single day of my life,” he said. “I lie awake every night thinking of the things I could have done differently.”

Jospeh Percoco(R) Leaves Federal Court



A box of ZITI

GOVENOR CUOMO says, "I'm a Sausage Aficionado."


FROM THE Urban Dictionary

The Italian word for escarole, pronounced "schka-ROLL." Also the Italian-American slang for money.




Read About The ITALIAN-AMERICAN Favorite


And Other Great Italian Dishes


Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About "ZITI"

"But was Afraid to Ask"

by Daniel Bellino "Z"

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Chet Baker Chicken Dinner

Chet Baker

Came up with a new one the other night. It was at one of our dinners that we have a couple time a month, when we cook, drink wine, and listen to some great music on Vinyl .. Vinyl Records that is, and some great music, not like any of the crap they make today, but great artist of the 20th Century like; Frank Sinatra , Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter, Albert King, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and greats like Chet Baker. What's that? You never heard of Chet Baker? You're forgiven, many have not.

Chet Baker was one of the 20th Cenury's greatest and most unique Jazz Artist. He played Trumpet and had a positively unique singing style that was Super Cool and all his own. Baker played with Jazz Greats Charlie Parker and Jerry Mulligan before forming his own band and going out on his own in 1953, when he recorded and released Chet Baker Sings ...
Chet Bakers most famous recordings are; My Funny Valentine and Let's Get Lost ...

OK, back to the Chicken and Chet Dinner ...  So my friends and I were having one of our little dinner parties at Chris's place on Thompson Street (Greenwich Village) .. As we usually do, we decide what we were going to eat, we buy the food, get some wine and cook dinner. As always the elements of our little dinner parties are; the food, some very good wine, and lots of great music, some on vinyl, some on CDs ... No matter what we make, we usually always have some nice cheese to start the meal with. We decide on some music, and crack open our first bottle of wine. This night, Chris had already decided on chicken, which we all agreed would be great. He made some buttered carrots and Couscous to accompany the Chicken. Chris picked up a nice bottle of Au Bon Climant Pinot Noir from Santa Barbara that was quite nice, and I brought a bottle of Fausto Maculans Brentino ...

Chris was cooking the chicken, and we were listening to Eric Clapton, Ron Wood, and Pete Towsend's Raibow Concert LP .. A great album that's a bit obscure, but can you imagine, Clapton, Pete twonsend and Ron Wood all playing together? Friggin amazing. I myself had never heard of this concert and live recording album until Chris turned me on to it. It's awesome. Chris had some Zeppelin playing when we sat down to dinner, and I told him we had to tone the music down while eating. Like most civilized people I can't listen to loud music when eating so I requested a slow down. Chris asked what I wanted? He had been playing some Chet Baker when I arrived at his apartment, so I said I could go for some more Chet. He obliged.
The chicken was quite tasty, the wine was flowing and Chet sounded just fine. 

The next day I sent Chris a Text thanking him for the CHICKEN and CHET , and so it's been coined. Everytime we have a Chicken Dinner now, we must also have some Chet, Chicken and Chet, it's our latest thing .. A dinner theme to add to our already famous Chianti Rolling Stones and Newport Steaks (dinner), as well Pork Chops Vino and Soul ... 

Oh and by the way, dessert is always Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and all is well with; Chianti Steak or Chicken, The Rollign Stones and Rock N Roll, R&B, Chet Baker and Peanut Butter Cups .. What more could one ever ask for?

by Daniel Bellino-Zwicke


Chet Baker









Friday, September 7, 2018

Burt Reynolds Tribute


Burt Reynolds



Burt Reynolds

On the Set of SMOKEY And The BANDIT




  Sylvester Stallone Tweets on Burt Reynolds : "A sad day, my friend BURT REYNOLDS has passed away. I remember him back in 1979, he always reminded me that I should have cast him as Colonel Trautman in FIRST BLOOD. I said that's .... (SLY continues his Tribute to his Friedn BURT REYNOLDS on Instagram .. LOOK BELOW)



ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER Tweetson BURT : "Burt Reynolds was one of my Heroes. he was a Trailblazer.  He showed the way to transition from beng an athelete to being the highest paid actor, and he always inspired me. He also had a great sense of humor - check outhis Tonight Show clips. My thoughts are with his family.     

Burt Reyolds and Mark Wahlberg in BOOGIE NIGHTS


"Rest in peace to a legend and a friemd."


Mark Wahlberg and BurReynolds




Burt Reynolds


The Movie That Made Burt a Big Star



Booglie Nights


Monday, September 3, 2018

Penelope Cruz is The Worlds Sexiest Woman

   Vicky Christina Barcelona, in a World of Bad Movies, Horrible Television, and some of the Worst Music of All-Time, it is quite refreshing, "It's Good,"
It's Wonderful as a matter-of-fact, to have a movie such as Woody Allen's
Vicky Christina Barcelona ... The movie does just what a movie should, it makes you feel good. The movie makes you wish, if you're a man, that you were Juan Antonio, Javier Bardem's character, making love to three absolutely gorgeous women in short time and two at the same time with the incredibly Sexy and one of the World's most beautiful woman "Penelope Cruz"  along with the very beautiful Scarlett Johanson. "Wow!"
   I, unlike many in America don't call that many female movie stars among the most beautiful in the World as in the case with Julie Roberts and women before her like Lonny Anderson, not at all that beautiful, though many in the press and media had called these women beautiful and gorgeous. No! Penelope Cruz, now there, my friends is one of the Most Gorgeous, Sexy, Vivacious women to ever grace the Silver Screen or the World for that matter. When I look at Penelope Cruz in this movie, I just want to die, she is so dam Sexy, I want to jump her bones. My Heart is palpitating just thinking about her. So if i can't have her, yes, I feel like i want to die.
This is the job that Woody Allen has done in one of his best films in years, One of the best films in the past decade and dare I call a masterpiece.
By the same token, if you are a woman, you will fantasize being with Javier Bardem, or a man like his character in the movie.
Yes this movie came out several years ago, but as I just saw it the other night on a DVD from netflix, just had to talk about it. If you are a passionate romantic it can't fail to move you.
   Two young woman, Vicky (Rebecca Hall) and Christina (Scarlett Johanson) who go to Barcelona to spend the summer as they have been offered to stay in the home of Vicky's family friends.   
   The plot centers around Vicky and Christina who go sight seeing, dining, and explore the wonderful Catalonian city. One night they spot a artist Juan Antoion at a art opening. Christina is intrigued by him and ask her friends who he is.
   Later in the evening Vicky and Christina spot Juan Antonio at a restaurant. Chrisina and Juan Antonio are eying each other across the room. Juan Antonio walks over to Vicky and Chrisina and introduces himself, then in short time invites the two Beautiful young Women to spend the weekend with him in the city of Ovedio and for the three of them to make Love together. Vicky is appalled by Juan Antonio's brazen advance while Chrisitna thinks it's charming and adventurous. Chrisitna wants to go, Vicky of course does not want to but agrees, if only to keep her eye on Christina and save her from this Don Juan.
  Juan Antonio is still violently enamored with his emotionally unstable Ex-Wife Maria Elena.
   So the girls go away for the weekend, both for different reasons, Christina wants the lost artist lover Juan Antonio, Vicky does not. A Love Triangle ensues. Check that Love Rectangle, there's more than three sides (people). There are four. Three woman, and the Lucky, most men would say, Juan Antonio.
   I shall not tell you anymore, only that the movie is wonderful, Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem, Scarlett Johanson, and even Rebecca hall are all Beautiful and full of life. Woody Allen is still a genius, and you just have to see the movie, if you have not already, and if you have, it's so dam Good, it's probably time to be enamored once again. Maybe you need it as inspiration to spark your own Love Life! And who in this World could ever get enough of the Gorgeously Vivacious Penelope Cruz?

by Daniel Bellino Zwicke


Mangia Italiano

Memories of Italian Food


Friday, August 31, 2018

Remembering Aretha Franklin


Aretha Franklin


Goodbye and God Bless

  As a child of the 60s, I grew up listening to the Beatles, The Four Seasons, The Supremes, all sorts of Pop, Rock, and R&B Music and even my mom's music of Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, and Dean Martin, I grew up with all these wonderful artists and their music and it enriched my life. This music was a natural part of my life and I just loved it, it made me feel good as I listened and sometimes I'd sing along. Along with these artists I have already mentioned and many more too numerous to mention, as in those days there was a great abundance of incredibly fabulous music, unlike today. Yes, I loved Pop Music, Standards, Rock, and R&B music of which along with Dianna Ross, Marvin Gaye, SMokey Robinson, and others, Aretha Franklin was always there, a natural part of my love with her wonderful music, musicc that made me happy and made me feel good, it was all so natural back then, all the great music which included fabulous artist like Aretha "The Queen of Soul." Yes all those wonderful artist who made great music in the 60s and 70s gave the general public their wonderful gifts of their musical talents and we thank them especially today, it seems that musical artist of the 21st Century just reffuse o make any good music at all. It is quite sad they don't make good music anymore, and for this reason as great as the musical artists like Aretha Franklin, The Supremes, The Beatles, Marvin, Frank SInatra and all the talented musical artist of the 1960s and 1970s have always been great, it makes them all the greater as we see in these times there no longer exists any great music artist, the fact that we have records and can listen to people like Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Dianna Ross, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong and so many others, I and many others are so very greatful. Thank you Aretha and all your talented contemporaries. Goodbye Sweet Aretha, and God Bless You Always, you will live The SUPREMESon in memory and your music. Thanks again, You Will Be Missed.   DBZ  

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Keith Richards Secrets to a Long Happy Marriage



Keith Richrds`Secret to a Long Marriage










Thursday, June 28, 2018


. lemonade




  LEMONADE RECIPE : 6 Cups Water 1 Cup Sugar 1 - 1/2 Cups Lemon Juice (about 7 or 8 Lemons) Place all ingredients together mix and let set in the refrigerator for one hour or more, or you can serve right away. To serve, fill a galss 3/4 full with ice cubes. Pour in Lemonade to top. Garnish with a wedge of Lemon, Serve and Enjoy.   .










Jasper Johns


Painting of an AMerican Flag with 48 Stars

. “One night I dreamed that I painted a large American flag,” Johns has said of this work, “and the next morning I got up and I went out and bought the materials to begin it.” Those materials included three canvases that he mounted on plywood, strips of newspaper, and encaustic paint—a mixture of pigment and molten wax that has formed a surface of lumps and smears. The newspaper scraps visible beneath the stripes and forty-eight stars lend this icon historical specificity. The American flag is something “the mind already knows,” Johns has said, but its execution complicates the representation and invites close inspection. A critic of the time encapsulated this painting’s ambivalence, asking, “Is this a flag or a painting?"