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Mandina's is Italian New Orleans

3800 Canal Street, Mid-City New Orleans
Mandina's is Awesome and Just about as good as it gets when it comes to wonderful, real restaurants that are un-contrived, but just cool in its oldness. I read about Mandina's in a great little book about the best of New Orleans. The place sounded wonderful so I just had to go. Just getting there was great as I took a long Trolley-Ride on The Canal Street Trolley to get there. Took about a half hour. When I walked in the door, I knew I made a good choice. The place was jumping with regulars, and both the dining-room and bar were packed, "A Good Sign." I bellied up to the bar and got myself a perfectly made "Bourbon Old Fashion" my drink of choice whenever I'm in The Big Easy, except when at Napoleon House where I opt for the House Drink, a nice "Pimms Cup."
   I waited about 15 minuted for my table and it was well worth it. I got a Gumbo to start, followed by Veal Milanese with Red Beans & Rice since it was Monday and Red Beans & Rice day in New Orleans. A cool sweet old black man was my server, he was great. I had a wonderful time there at Mandina's just taking in all the activity. Everyone seemed to be having a great time, and they were and it was great to feel and watch.
 Oh, by the way, there wasn't a tourist in sight, other than me, but not really as I don't consider myself a tourist but a visitor. Mandina's is far from the French Quarter, it is filled with locals, and this is all the more reason for a tourist to go there, "No other tourists, just locals in a great place that is packed with people who love it, and all having a grand time. Go there, and you'll have a grand time too, I guarantee!
My Yelp Review of Mandina's from 2011 ... Everything Still Applies
Hop on a Canal Street Streetcar to Get There
It's a Nice 20 Minute Ride for a Wonderful Time at Mandina's
a  POBOY  (Poor Boy)
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[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="282"] SUNDAY SAUCE ITALIAN GRAVY[/caption]

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3 DOLLAR BEER in New York ... $3 PBR 'S

$3.00 PBR PABST BLUE RIBBON BEER New York and the $3.00 PBR, Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer has been a God-Send to many New Yorkers. As you all know, the US Economy has been in the Shitter for the past 3-Half years or so.
Many people are out of work, and many who are working, are taking home Half-as-Much Money or more of what they used to make. People have had to buckle down and give up or curb many things they enjoyed previous to the current state of our economy, which is in almost a Depression Era State.
Yes, everybody says that we are not in a Depression, we're in a recession. Those are the Rich and Well-Off talking. To many, the state of our Union and their feelings are of Depression.
So, because of the Terrible State of our Economy you have given up eating out 3 times a week, you buy less clothes, spend less on Entertainment and any number of things and you haven't had a vacation in the past two years, maybe more. You've given up a lot. We all have.
Now when it comes to socializing, going out for a few Beers or Cocktails with some friends, you've had to cut back on that too. But hey, you gotta draw a line somewhere, and everyone is entitled to a few drinks to unwind every now and then. But if you live in the Great City of New York this can be a costly undertaking, especially in this day, and of all times, to be having a Boom in The $14, Sixteen-Dollar-Or -More-Cocktail, "What The FUCK?" What is a Poor Working Guy or Girl to do??? Well Boys and Girls, let's Thank God for that great thing of wonder and the Bars and establishments who so graciously and kindly serve it, The $3.00 PBR, That's right, a $3.00 Beer in The Land of The Over-Priced $16.00 Cocktail, Manhattan, New York, NY..... It's quite Sad, Greedy too.
Yes, Thank God and let's thank the Kind-Heart proprietors who serve $3.00 PBR'S or any Beer for just $3 or $4 in a New York Bar. You are doing you fellow man a public service and we thank you for that. Whoever you are, you are to be commended, and Shame-On-You, all those places that serve $14 PLUS Cocktails. "RIP-OFF" !!! Wish the masses would Boycott these places and patronize places like Blue & Gold Bar, 7B, and anyplace who has a heart. Bars that serve 3 and 4 Dollar Beers.
I just have to say, it's great to go to a place like Blue and Gold Bar on East 7th Street and know that you can have 3 or 4 Beers for just $12 to $16, accounting for a Buck a Pop for the Barkeep. Now that's pretty good. I have had the best times hanging at Blue & Gold Bar (East 7th Street near 1st Ave.) with some friends. You sit at the Bar or get into a nice comfy booth, drink your Beers ($3 PBR'S), relax, listen to the Music, Chit Chat, and just enjoy, and it's not going to cost you The Shirt Off Your Back.
Yes, you can have 4 Beers, tip included for the price of 1 Rip-Off Drink at one of those Rip-Off Joints. And if you are Dumb enough to have four drinks in one of those places, guess what it's going to cost you? About $75 my friend.
Well, do the Math, and if you can afford $75 for only 4 drinks, God Bless You. And if you can't, you've got an alternative. Right, your local $3.00 PBR Joint. They're a God-Send.
 Daniel Bellino ZwickeArticle Written March 2010   Hello my friends. I originally wrote this piece back in March of 2010 .. The country and the economy was really in the shitter, seeing one of the worst economic down-turns in the U.S. Economy since the Great Depression of the 1930's ... Many said we were in a Depression, while others refused to admit it. I bet if you asked anyone of Tens of Millions of people who lost their job, were out of work, or took a tremendous cut in their previous earnings, they'd tell you, "yes, this is a depression." Many who lost their jobs because companies just weren't taking in the kind of cash they once did, thus letting people go and trimming the fat so to speak. Some of these people lost their jobs, then went out and found a new one, but one big and excruciating factor, their earnings were cut by 25 to 50%, or even more. They may have gotten a new job, but they weren't making the kind of money as they did before. People had to seriously cut their expenditures. No more rampant spending of things they really didn't need, less or no more vacations, no more eating out 3 times a week or more, this-that-and-every-other thing. I think you get the drift? Guess what? We still have not recovered ... Well maybe a bit, but not very much, and many people's Psyche has changed .. People, myself included realized that we didn't need  a lot of the stuff we thought we needed before, like 10 pair of shoes instead of 4 or 5 or whatever. Again, I think you get the drift. So, even if you are making good money again, some are, some not, you may not be as free to spend as you were before. You'll get the essentials, things you really must have, not much more, and you might even splurge a little bit, but your splurging is way down. If you are making some cash, you want to hold on to it, as much as possible. You're not gonna go and throw it away as so readily as before .. Your gonnna, save, mainly with the fear that although you're doing fine now (Financially), you know all to well, that things can go sour in a hurry and you want to have a cushion, just in case it does. And so, if you're like me, though you can afford more, you're not gonna just go and throw it all away, Every dollar I save, is another dollar for me. Money in the bank, and I'm saving more than ever before. If some friend wants to go out for a few drinks, I'm gonna want to hang out and have a good time too, every now and then. But guess what? If I can get them to go to Blue & Gold or 7B, then were gonna do that. Hey, I can have 3 beers and spend just $15 or less. I'm not gonna go some place were 3 beers or drinks are gonna cost me two or three times that. If I was going to have 3 beers or drinks in another place, and lets say I was going to spend $33  ... But instead, we go to Blue & Gold, 7B or some other joint where we can drink cheap. I have just as good as a time, I spend just $15 and I have $18 that can go into the bank instead of throwing it away and paying that much more than I really need to. Multiply that by 35 times and you've got $630 in your savings account that you might have otherwise thrown away needlessly. I go to the supermarket and buy whats on sale. I hardly ever buy anything that's not on sale. This includes food, clothing, household goods, anything. As my Jewish friends would say, "Never Pay Full Retail." I don't!  Anyway, I guess I'm going on-and-on, so I'll stop .. So, you see, here we are in the Autumn of 2014, and approaching 2015, and the $3.00 PBR, the 3 or 4 Dollar Beer is quite relevant. Get em ($3 Beers), and enjoy them, and remember, you should "Never Pay Full Retail." Spend, just spend wisely, and all the surplus you save will make your Bank Account grow, and grow. Basta!
Daniel Bellino-Zwicke
[caption id="attachment_1572" align="alignnone" width="212"]THE BIG LEBOWSKI COOKBOOK The BIG LEBOWSKI COOKBOOK GOT ANY KAHLUA? Abide !!![/caption] THE BIG LEBOWSKI COOKBOOK

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Wimpy Burgers





Popeye Saves Olive

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Secret & Rare Italian Recipes



Secret & Rare Italian Recipes? Yes, Secret & Rare Italian Recipes, are the main premises of Italian Cookbook Author Daniel Bellino-Zwicke's latest book SEGRETO ITALIAN, from Broadway Fifth Press, New York ...
Daniel has fast become America's Hot New Celebrity Chef Cookbook Author, with 4 Best Selling Cookbooks in Top 100 Cookbooks at this very moment ( September 14, 2014) ... His book Sunday Sauce - When Italian-Americans Cook has been the # 1 Best Seller Italian Cookbooks for more than 5 months, and there is no sign of it relinquessing its # 1 Spot at The Top any time soon .. Daniel's La TAVOLA - Italian-American New Yorkers Adventures of The Table has made its way back into the top 40, The FEAST of THE 7 FISH is in the Top 100 Best Sellers, and Segreto Italiano is # 7 on Amazon's Best Seller List Italian Cookbooks on Kindle and the # 1 Hot New Best Seller for September 2014 Italian Cookbooks. Wow !!! 
Not bad!

So, Segerto Italiano? Yes, the main themes of the book, of which there are 3 are; #1 First and foremost, The Secret Recipes, # 2 Rare Recipes, after all, many times you llok in a cookbook and you might see many things over and over  again. You need something new, thus the rare recipes. And # 3, Favorite Italian Dishes, some of the most love and popular dishes of what we know as Italian-America.

Now, a little about the Secret Recipes was the the first spark that ignited Daniel's mind and idea for this cookbook Segreto Italiano ..  Daniel saide that he was just thinking (one day) about dinners he had had over the years at one of his favorite of all Italian Restaurants in New York, Gino's up on Lexington Avenue, across the street fromt the world famous Bloomingdales's department store ... Sadly Gino's had closed its doors a few years ago, due to high rent and high insurance and other cost to the union employees .. Expenses were too high and they decided to close their doors and shut the place down ... Very sad. I wish they would have gotten a better ideas and raised all the prices of the entrees 2 or 3 dollars, drinks by $1.00 and a couple or few buck on each bottle of wine .. This probably would have cover the rent increase and other cost over the course of a month, and me and the many devoted fans of Gino's would still have our beloved Ginot's to go to. I'm quite certain that not one person would have complained about the prices being raised if it meant saving Gino's .. Wel maybe a few?

Inside Our Beloved and Sorely Missed GINO'S

A Waiter Chats Up a Table


Gino's was a wonderful little restaurant with many loyal regular customers, the likes of;  
Gay Talese,  Joe Dimaggio, and one Francis Albert Sinatra. There were many other celebrities and very well heeled customers. You had to loved the crowd at Gino's ...
Anyway, Daniel said he was remenising about Gino's and meales he had with his cousin Joe, sisiter Barbara, brothers Michael and Jimmy and others. He said he used to go to Gino's once or twice a month with cousin Joe who loved the joint as well, especially Gino's famous and secret Salsa Segrete, pasta of your choice with Gino's Secret Sauce, it was oh so yummy Daniel says ... Daniel talks about the first time he and cousin Joe went there. The ordered a nice bottle of Chianti, some Baked Clams and Veal Milanese. In-between the Clams and the Veal they ordered a dish that intrigued them. A dish called Tagiolini con Salsa Segrete (Secret Sauce) .. The boys both love pasta, but none more so than cousin Joe who had to have a bowl of pasta (maccheroni) with every meal. So they ordered a bowl to split in-between the first and second courses .. Well, when it came out, they went nuts. They loved it. Of course they did, the sauce is awesome;y delicious ... Daniel and Joe never had a meal at Gino's without getting a bowl of Pasta with Salsa Segrete, and it was too long before Daniel figured out the Secret Ingredients and how to make it ... The recipe is in the cookbook, Segreto Italiano and Daniel promised us not to print it. We obliged, so if you want to learn how to make Salsa Segret, Dannny's Bolognese, Clemenza's Mob War Sunday Sauce and a whole bunch of other Secret Recipes, rare dishes, and favorite Italian Food, you're just gonna have to get yourself a copy of this fine book, Segreto Italiano, Secret Italian Recipes, stories and more .. We just Love it! We're sure you will too.

by James Abruzzese

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Segreto Italiano is FREE on KINDLE UNLIMITED

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                                                  WATER MELON !  Yummmmm !!!!!

                        I LOVE WATERMELON

                                                       GOT ANY KAHLUA?

                                                            The BIG LEBOWSKI COOKBOOK