Saturday, January 26, 2013


Super Bowl Sunday, one of the biggest, most important days of the year. An unofficial American Holiday right up there with Thanksgiving and Christmas, with almost as much food and plenty of Beer. The biggest Beer Day of the year, and biggest day of the year for Potato Chips, Pretzels, Salsa, and Onion Dip too. Biggest day of the Year for Chili and Buffalo Chicken Wings.
     And were are you watching the Super Bowl This Year? At a local bar, a friends house, your house? If at your house what are you gonna serve. Well some try to get fancy with all sorts of stuff, but nothing beats the Super Bowl Sunday Classic Eats like' Potato Chips, Dip, Pretzels, Nachos, Big Bowls of Chili, and Buffalo Chicken Wings. Are you entertaining yourself this year? Well if you are, there's something you might want to help you along the way. It's a Cookbook filled with just the recipes you'll need to help you throw the perfect Super Bowl Party. Well if not perfect, Dam Good and surely successful. A surprise book has emerged of late, as "The Go-To Cookbook For Super Bowl Sunday Eat." The book in question is The Dudes Big Lebowski Cookbook "Got Any Kahlua" The Collected Recipes of The Dude by cookbook author Daniel Zwicke .. Got Any Kahlua has been quite the big hit since it publication release in the Summer of 2012 ... Well the wonderful film which is the greatest cult movie of All-Time "The Big Lebowski" is almost sure to be a hit on it's own, simply from the throngs of fans (Fanatics) of this cult classic, people know in Dude & Lebowski Circles as "Achievers." 
    This little book, Got Any Kahlua? is quite a gem, filled with great easy to make recipes. The recipes are easy and amazingly tasty, and being of and about The Dude and The Big Lebowski, it's filled with wonderful little stories, quotes and quibbles that apply to the Achievers most cherished hero "The Dude." Got Any Kahlua was designed by renowned cookbook author Daniel Zwicke to be just and those things, to be filled with recipes that had to be and are all "Tasty and Quick and Easy to Make." The recipes had to be economical as well, all things that would appeal to The Dude and His Followers, the "Achievers."
     So, The Super Bowl, Super Bowl Parties, The Dude and his wonderful little cookbook, The Dudes Collected Recipes, it's Got Any Kahlua? Super Bowl Foods "Greatest Hits" in; The Dudes "Cowboy Chili," Buffalo Chicken Wings, as well as a Dude Original Recipe called "Crazy Wings," Guacamole, Tacos, and Burritos. they are all in there, and all quite wonderful, and of the recipes are of The Dude, and when it comes down to it, whose Recipes For Cowboy Chili and Buffalo iIngs would you rather use for your Super Bowl Party Eats, "The Dude" or Martha Stewart? The answer is quite obvious. Well, if not "All" to Millions anyway.

Article:  Ed Cullen

The Dudes Cookbook "GOT ANY KAHLUA" ????

Friday, January 25, 2013

BAR PITTI "New York's Best Italian Restaurant"



When it comes to great Italian Food, in a city (New York) that is known to have the Best Italian Food in the World outside of Italy, it's hard to beat Bar Pitti, which is why Bar Pitti may very well be the "Best Italian Restaurant" in New York City! Yes!
Wait a minute, scratch that "maybe." No, Bar Pitti serves without a doubt, thee "Best Italian Food in New York." You don't think so? name one that is better. And please only qualified people please. No followers or Hack Food Critics like
Frank Bruni.
Who could compete? Maybe Babbo, Del Posto, Elio's, Lupa. They are all good, but none as good and consistent as Bar Pitti.
Il Mulino is absolutely "Aweful!" An "Overpriced Lackluster Restaurant" with horrible ambiance, mechanical annoying service, and food that is merely good, and no better and insanely "High Prices." It's a place for "Followers" who run with the crowd and wouldn't know real good Italian Food if it came up and Bit Them in The Ass.
Babbo many would say. Well Babbo is quite good, but just can't hold up to Bar Pitti with more of a true Italian feel, great food at truly real Italian Prices. Babbo is a great Special Occasion restaurant, but for everyday eating, Babbo doesn't even come close to Bar Pitti for "Great Quality Price Ratio," and even not considering the prices, if they were the same, though the food at Babbo is very good and I've had a few very enjoyable meals there, I have been disappointed a couple of times, something that has "Never" happened to me at Bar Pitti and I've eaten there more times, yet never been disappointed, not once, and always had a great time. So even if the prices were the same, Bar Pitti still has an edge, with Better More Consistent Authentic Italian Food than Babbo.
How bout Maialino, Laconde Verde, Osteria Morini, and others? As MC Hammer would say, "Can't Touch This."
So if you're looking for Thee "Best Italian Food in New York" there's one name, "Bar Pitti."
Recommended Dishes:
Coda d'Vacinara (Braised Oxtails) 150 Points on a 100 Pt Scale
Bolito d'Manzo (Boiled Beef) Taste a whole Lot Better than it sounds!
Polpettine d' Vitello (Veal Meatballs)
Fegato al Salvia (Calves Liver sauteed w/Sage)
Paparadelle con Sugo d'Coniglio (Pasta with Rabbit Ragu)
PUNTARELLE Wild Roman Greens Salad w/Anchovy Dressing





Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The World's Coolest Restaurant "HARRY'S BAR"

The World's Coolest Restaurant? Why, it's Harry's Bar,
Venice of course. Without a doubt. There is no contest for any to compete. Well many will beg to differ, but I know better, and better than most. No Brag, Just Fact! Let me tell you why.
If you are in any of the Great Renowned Cities of the World, cities such as; New York, Paris, Rome, Bangkok, Tokyo, London,
Hong Kong, wherever. There will in all these cities be a number of restaurants where the In-Crowd, the Jet-Set, Those in The Know, the Movers-and-Shakers of the World will go to. There are usually at least 6 to 12 restaurants for those in the know to go to. For example, if you are in my City, New York and you are one of these people, "Those In the Know," you might go to any one of these restaurants. right now in the year 2011 these restaurants would be; Minetta Tavern,
Bar Pitti, The Waverly Inn, Pastis, Momofuku Ssam, The Standard Grill, John Dory at The Ace Hotel, and at least 6 others. Same goes for LA, London, Paris, Rome, and so-on.
In Venice there are many restaurants, but really just one more or less that "Everyone Who is Anyone" will go when in town. One, that one is "Harry's Bar." No other restaurant in the World quite like it. If you are of the Jet Set, The In Crow, those "In-The-Know," you'll know one thing for sure, when you go to Harry's Bar you will be amongst the all of
The "in Crowd" will be there and nowhere else. Well this is a bit of an exaggeration to make a point, but this point is true 85% of the time.
And of the place, Harry's Bar, Venice. And i keep saying Harry's bar Venice, for it is thee only one, but there are many others around the World with the same name. There is only one Great "Harry's Bar" and that is Harry's Bar, Venice at the Vaporetto stop of San Marco.
Yes, and of Harry's. The restaurant is Wonderful. It has a beautiful casual elegance in the decor. The place is always filled with the "Beautiful People," the service is great, and the food Fabulous. Though at a price. Harry's bar is very expensive. For some this is of no consequence, but if it is expensive for you, it is definitely worth a splurge. The place is awesome.
After-All, they invented the "Bellini" Cocktail here. And
Beef Carpaccio as well.
Over the years, everyone and everyone has passed through the doors; Kings, Queens, Presidents, Prime Ministers,
Rock Stars, Movie Stars, you name it. Too many to name, never-the-less, I will name some names; Ernest Hemingway, Grace Kelly, Onassis, Sir Winston Churchill, Humphrey Bogart, Mick Jagger, George Clooney, Jude Law, Gwyneth Palthrow and on-and-on. And you if you go, of course.
If you go to Harry's Bar, you will Love it. The place is filled with quite a exciting energy. It's a experience you'll always remember. So, do remember, The World's Coolest restaurnat, Harry's Bar, Venice that is.

Friday, January 11, 2013

THE MUSIC SUCKS 2013 "We Need More R&B And Rock-N-ROLL Like The ROLLING STONES !!!



His Music and 99.9 % of The Music these Days SUCKS

"THANK GOD for The 50s 60s 70s 80s MUSIC"

and GREAT ARTIST Like : Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, R&B and ?

  Well, I just keep loving the Stones more and more. I've always loved The Rolling Stones, ever since they came out with Satisfaction in 1965 .. But back then, I din't love The Rolling Stones nearly as much as I do now. No, I liked them a lot, but didn't think and delve into them the way I do now. Well, it's simple, for one, they didn't have the body of work they do now. Well that they had by 1981, with their last great album Tattoo You. Back in 65 Start Me Up, Bitch, Can You Hear me Knocking and other great Stones tunes hadn't been made yet. But that's not really the main reasons that I wasn't so fanatical about The Rolling Stones the way I am now. Back then there were tons and tons of other great musical artist, not like the current day stock of music in 2013 and the past 15 years or so, just mostly a bunch of Shit. The music these days Sucks. It's almost none existent  except for a very few good artists like Cee Lo Green and Alicia Keys. Yes today "The Music Sucks" and all we have are great bands of the past, like The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Supremes, all the Motown and R&B Greats, Rock-n-Roll Greats, Solo Artists, Pop Music and on and on. Yes, back in 1965, all through the 6o's and 70's and in to the 80s and even 90's you had many great Musical Artists; Le Zeppelin, The Temptations  Stevie Wonder, The Stylistics, Elvis, too many to name. 
Just One Musical Act of Hundreds in The 60s & 70s as Compared to About 10 Today
What ever happened to music? What happened to Rock and Roll? The music today "Sucks" no good artists, no great songs like before, the 60s, 70s, and 80s ... What the hell happened? Well, Shitty Crap Rap happened. Kids these days don't know any better, they listen to and "Like Shit" it's unavailable  The kids these days have "Horrible Taste" in music, they like and except Crap and think it's good, "Crap Rap." What is the World coming to? Thank God for The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, the R&B Classic Rock, rock-N-Roll, and all the Great music produced by the great artists from 1960 to the early 1990's. Great music was made, it was recorded and we have it to listen to now in times of nothing good a "Famine of Music" good music that is, great music, they don't make it any more. Why? I'm mystified!
HOW To LOVE THE STONES MORE  Yes Boys and Girls, in the Age of Shit Music, which is Now and Has Been for 15 Years or so, All we have are The Stones, Classic Rock, Rock-N-Roll, R&B and The Great Musical Acts of The Past; 60s 70s 80s ... But we do have it, Let's Thank God .. We Can listen to our Great Vinyl Records, Cassettes, CDs, maybe even 8-Tracks ... Cool . We can even listen to MP3s, just as long as they're Great Recordings of The Stones, Classic Rock, R&B and  "No CRAP RAP"  Read books like Keith Richards "Life" one of numerous biography on Mick, or books on the Stones, Surf the net for Stones, Keef, or Mick stories. Let's not forget Charlie, and Ronnie Wood is Super Cool. Now there's a biography I gotta read, Ronnie Wood. And I can't wait to see Charlie Is My Darling. I hear it's Great. I have numerous books on The Rolling Stones and Youtube? Youtube is Awesome! You can see (and hear) The Stones and all The R&B and Rock Greats anytime you want, and almost any performance. There's a lot out there Thank God again and we don't have to listen to The Rap Crap and All The Shitty Music they make in 2012, 2013 and the past 15 Years .. No Need! We're Just Not Gonna Take It! Sorry if there are so many with Bad taste Out There. They Have Great Music and Great Bands Like The Stones, led Zeppelin, The Who and more and they insist on listening to Shit. They actually like it, support it an perpetuate the Crap. Well, you Have The Stones so Enjoy. Look at Beast of Burden on this site, or Ronnie talking about his Guitars, and Mick going to Elton Johns party and what not. The Rolling Stones, they're Great, They are endless, you never tire of them. They're The Stones !!!!! ROCK ON !!!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Kung Fu Fighting and Peter Frampton? What? What do they have to do with each other? Yes, both music related but very different. Right! Well as I was just hopped out of the shower this morning, readying myself to go get my ritualistic Sunday Morning Coffee at my local cafe, the great song came on the radio. The song is great and brings back many memories, fond ones, and one stands out more than any. It was one night I'll never forget. A magazine called Paper Magazine,
New York based and geared lifestyles, music, and fashion magazine was having one of their many great parties. It was in The Michael Todd Room at The Palladium Night Club in New York's East Village. It was 1986 and I was a young man in my early 20s, having the time of my life, working very hard, Playing Hard, having fun,and dating lots of beautiful women.

Peter Framptons
Monster Hit Album
with "Bay I Love Your Way"
and "Do You Feel Like We Do"

   The paper always threw good parties and this was no exception. The Palladium was a huge club which had to let in a lot of people, including A Listers, B Listers, and too many C Listers, if you know what I mean. At the time I was a A Lister who could get into any club at any time. Well I was young and thought it was cool and powerful to be amongst the A's ... I used to go to Area 2 or three times a week, which at the time was by far the hardest club to get in to. Area, owned by renowned Night Club Impresario Hotelier/Turtle Lover "Eric Goode" was Cool and Hot, and so by size and Eric Goode's design. And one very cool thing about Area was that the decor changed every 6 weeks or so. The had specific themes and the club was decorated accordingly. One thing a remember and really loved that brought me back to childhood was  a Giant Candy-Land Board. Also the Art Theme that included paintings by Andy Warhol, Keith Harring, and Picasso. Anyway thinking I was cool (and i was, but not for some of the reasons I thought I was, like being a A Lister) I loved going to Area, as it was very hard to get in to. I could get in anytime, din't have to pay, and on top of all that, if that wasn't enough, I was given 2 Drink Tickets when I went in. Sweet. I was in the Hottest A List Club in Town, I could get in any time, din't have to pay and got 2 free drinks to boot. Cool. There were Beautiful Women, great music and lots of cool people to hang out with, BS, dance, this and that. Well I guess a lot of this and that was Drugs, "I never did any," wasn't into it. At the time Sex was my drug, and there were plenty of beautiful girls and women available. No Drugs for me, a couple free drinks, women, good, music, friends, Star Gazing, and dancing was enough for me, plenty. Celebs, yes I saw many a celeb at Area and other Clubs; Mick Jagger, Muriel Hemingway, Princess Stephanie of Manaco, Mike Tyson, Tom Cruise, Brooke Shields, Fellini, Boy George, and on and on.
  OK, back to that party at the Palladium. The Palladium was nowhere near as cool as Area, nor The Lime Light, or Tunnel clubs at the time, so I din't go to them that often. Why would I go to the Second Rate B & C Clubs when I could get in the best and be with a much cooler crowd. Anyway, The Paper Party in The Michael Todd Room. That was the Cool Part of Palladium. You could have a Party in The Michael Todd Room which was The V.I.P. Room and keep out all the Riif-Raff. The Palladium was huge and had to let lots of people in to make money. Lots of B and C List people, The Bridge & Tunnel Crowd and even lower. The Palladium could be cool if there was a private party there, and the room was roped off and guarded by doormen who only let the "Right People" in. Mostly A Lister's, so-called A Lister's. Sounds snobby but it's actually true in a way. You have to control and create a crowd, and letting anyone and their grandmother in wasn't gonna cut it. Well this was a great night, a cool party and a great crowd, mostly artsy, creative, downtown types. They had some really good entertainment that nigh, a really good Stripper as well as Joey Arias doing a phenomenal rendition of Suspicious Minds by Elvis Presley. It was friggin awesome and I'll never forget that. I loved that performance. Then later when the DJ was spiinning some great tunes and I was dancing with some girls and friends, it cam on. What? Friggin Kung Fu Figthing. Friggin awesome, we were lovin it. We went nuts,were dancing around with Karate Chops and Kicks, and some of the best dancing ever. Well as far as fun goes. By this time in 1986, the song Kung Fu Fighting was  a Disco Oldy and Disco was almost dead. Maybe it was already dead. Well not in clubs. I can't remember other songs played that night (probably some Michel Jackson and), other than Arias doing Elvis and Carl Douglas's great Hit "Kung Fu Fighting." What I do remember was that the DJ was spinning great tunes, I was digging it and having fun. That was a great party. Another one was when Maddonna did a couple concerts at Madison Square Garden in 1985 and had a party in The Michel Todd Room after the concert one night. This was a few weeks before she got married to Sean Penn, but was hanging with my friend Bobby who she had a fling with and was seeing him one last time. When Booby and Madonna were leaving that night, some photographers were trying to take pictures of them, Booby (a tough young Puerto Rican Kid) punched him out. It made the papers the next day. I wonder what Sean thought of that? Madonna talked here way out of that one. I guess?
So what does Peter Framtpton have to do with Kung Fu Fighting? Well, as I said as i always turn my Radio on, hit the button as I had towards the bathroom in the morning. My Cool-Ass Space Helmet Weltron Radio. When I came out of the shower, Carl Douglas's "Kung Fu Fighting" came on the Radio. I cranked up the volume and grooved on the tune. Just like that night way back when in the Michael Todd Room at the Paladium. Yes I was loving it. That's what great msuic does to you, it brings you back and makes you feel good, and Kung Fu Fighting did, both that night at the Palladium and this morning in myt! apartment in Greenwich Village. Next thing, Bay I Love Your Way, a Monster Hit by Peter Frampton came on. It's a masterful song, it was a huge hit, I have always loved it and I kept on grooving as it played. Yes that's what great music does to you, Peter Frampton and Kung Fu Fighting, that's what they have to do with one-and-other. I love it!

Daniel Bellino-Zwicke

and Owner of Area
Eric Goode