Tuesday, January 10, 2012

iPhone is 5 YEARS OLD Today

Five years ago today, Apple unveiled the original iPhone to the world. It wasn't a tightly kept secret, shrouded in mystery and speculation like more recent Apple announcements, but it was arguably the world's most anticipated gadget launch.
     The Oriignal iPhone was launched with just a handful of Apple-Created Apps and a                2 Megapixel Camera for $499 for 4GB model and $599 for 8GBs. You could put and listen to Music on it, it was Your Cel-Phone of course, you could take pictures with it, it had a calculator, Clock, and you could "Surf The World Wide Web" Revolutionary at the time. A phone that could do all these things. Though the web browsing at the time was quite slow, still you could do it, on your phone, and talk to people, and Text, and listen to music, and take and Store Pictures.
     Evenually the Camera ould get better and better (Much Better), you be able to take and make pretty good videos, you get and need much more storage, the browser became Faster and the number of Apps increased to a Half Million of Games, Tools, Music, (business, Picture and Video Editing, Newspaper Magazine and Tv Apps, all sorts of things) many for Free or so cheap at just .99 cents that they were almost free. 

So what you now have with the iPhone 4 is a Mini Computer that is Multiple Times more powerful than that (Computer) on the Apollo Spacecraft that journeyed to the Moon. All this, the Apps and a Cel-Phone too. All in the palm of your Hand.

Daniel Bellino Zwicke

Monday, January 2, 2012

Chinatown Tea Rice and Fortune Cookies

A Bowl of Roast Duck Wonton Soup and Chinese Tea. Lunch on a brisk Winters day in January. Lunch at The Canton Kitchen, 171 Hester Street, New York, Chinatown. Tasty roast duck with nice pork Wontons and some satisfy broth. A piece of Bol Choy.
The waitress hands me a tray with my check and a Fortune Cookie. Quite curious to see what it will say. Will it bring me Good Luck for this whole year to come? 363 and a half days to go. I break the cookie in half and pull out my Fortune. "Your life will be Happy and Peaceful." Boy do I wish this will Come True. Life thus far has been anything but, especially the happy part. Sorry to say, but the Truth is the Truth. Let's not Candy-Coat things. Well I do hope the Year turns out to be a Happy one for me, for once. Let's hope.
2011 certainly ended horribly.Far from peaceful and ....

Mon., Jan., 2, 2012 NY Ny

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